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Greetings!  Welcome to the Drews Enterprises home page. 

Who is Drews Enterprises?

    Drews Enterprises was founded in April 1995 by Eric Drews.  It is our intention to provide you with quality services, for a reasonable price, on time.   We value the development and continuation of a good, strong relationship with our clients.  Establishing and maintaining the relationship with good, frequent communication between ourselves and our clients is a critical part of our business.  Communication is an essential part of the client-provider relationship.

What does Drews Enterprises do?

    At present, Drews Enterprises concentrates on a number of different areas.  These areas are:

What software development platforms?

   At the present time, most of the work is being done on Pick and Pick-like platforms.  For those not involved in the Pick community, this would include Prime Information, Advanced Revelation, General Automation, Unidata, Universe, pcVerse and many others.  In addition,  as a Windows development platform, the use of Delphi by Borland is currently receiving our focus.

What kind of experience does Drews Enterprises have?

    The owner of Drews Enterprises, Eric Drews, has been working in the computer software field since 1979.  The primary operating environment has been Pick and Pick-like operating systems.  Over the years this has involved hardware, from super-mini computers to individual PCs, to networked PCs connected to a server.  The development platform of choice for the past eight years has been Advanced Revelation by Revelation Software.   Pick and Pick-like platforms use different dialects of the Basic language, as well as an ad-hoc reporting language, sometimes referred to as English or R/List.  The applications worked on are numerous, applications for newspapers, trucking firms, standard accounting applications, utilities, report writers, commodity trading systems, art collection systems and small applications for home use.  In addition to application development and support, the owner has also taught classes in system administration and application design, development, and programming.

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